Maya ----> UT2003 Character Model Tutorial
By Sundeep Dass
Written March 2, 2003

Ok, so you've got this great idea for a character model for UT2003. Where do you start? How many polys should the model be? How big are the textures? How do you make custom animations? What if your model has long hair? What's a ragdoll? Hopefully, I'll be able to answer all these questions and more in this tutorial. Buckle up and get comfortable, kids, this is a long one...

Table of Contents:

PART ONE: The Beginning, And Maya

Page 1: Starting up
-What this Tutorial will cover
-Software You'll need
-Concept Art
Page 2: Modeling
-Assigning materials
-UV mapping
-Texture Specifics
Page 3: Skeleton Prep
-Deleting History
-Skeleton Building Tips
Page 4: Binding Geometry
-Smooth Bind
-IK Handles
-Animation Advice
Page 5: ActorX for Maya
-Exporting a PSK
-Exporting a PSA
-The Animation Browser

PART TWO: UnrealED, and UT2003

Page 6: UnrealED

-Making the UTX/UKX Files
Page 7: UnrealED pt. 2
-UKX Continued
Page 8: UnrealED pt. 3
-Mesh Tweaking
-Weapon Positioning
Page 9: Writing the UPL file
-UPL Explained
-Final Tweaking/Tuning
-Writing a README
-Extra Polish

Next Page: In the Beginning....

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